Key assumptions for creating websites

Key assumptions for creating websites

According to the web statistics Live Stats (as of July 2019), there are approximately 1.7 billion websites in the world. Corporations, companies, small businesses, sole proprietorships, individuals, organizations - everyone wants to be accessible on the Internet. In such a competition, the better the presentation, the greater the chances of convincing others. These days, a website is as important as an office project or the image of the company's representatives. That is why you also need it.

Creating a good website is a complicated process - but we think there are two key elements that really matter:

  • Presentation of the "real me" on the website,
  • Minimisation of restrictions due to selected technologies and technology partner.

We offer full support in both cases:

Appropriate customer presentation

Thanks to many years of experience we help our clients to introduce themselves properly - by asking the right questions, actively participating in meetings and analysing the competition we bring out the most important values of the client, his product or service. At the client's request, we offer additional services related to the creation of content, graphic materials, photo sessions and video recordings.

We are the right technological partner

Over the years, we have developed a list of several assumptions that we offer and that our customers value. In most cases, these assumptions determine the choice of our company:

We never make our customers dependent on us

Very often our customers come to us in situations when their existing service provider is unreliable or uses his/her advantage over the customer in the knowledge of technology to make them dependent on the services of their company. Our most important assumption is to use standard in its class, worldwide, widely used, available for all software solutions. Thanks to this, the customer gains confidence that the solutions are well tested, are and will be developed, and in the event of a dispute will find other suppliers who can support them.

We transfer all copyrights to the customer

All text and graphic materials created by us, as well as source code, are properly stored and documented. Together with the settlement of the project, we transfer all rights to the client so that they can be used without restrictions in other materials and solutions. Most of our clients, despite the transfer of rights, continue our cooperation - however, we know that none of them do it out of coercion, but out of their own conviction to our services.

We do it well

Before starting the project, we get acquainted with the client's industry, its offer, we analyze the competition - all in order to properly reflect the client's profile on the website. It is important to determine what differentiates the client's products or services from the competition and how to highlight their values. In most situations, a website is the first contact with the company for a potential customer - it is a kind of "to be or not to be" for further cooperation. Referring to the research you have a maximum of 8 seconds to get the customer's attention. That's as much as reading these two sentences. If you read this text, it shows that we have done our lesson well.

Then we develop a clear structure of subpages - a proper arrangement of the website gives the visitors a feeling of full control over where the users are and how they can continue to use the website. We also take care of certain rules, e.g. that every place on the website can be reached by up to three clicks.

We focus on legibility by choosing the right typeface and font size, and additionally enrich the content of the website with appropriate artwork. According to research, most of us are so-called "visual learners".

Accessibility on mobile devices

The vast majority of website users use mobile devices to browse websites. We optimise the websites we create so that users can use them on all kinds of devices, regardless of the size of the screen and platform they use.

When planning a website, we ask ourselves: what kind of information will be expected by the visitor in the first place on a given type of device? A responsive website should not only adapt to the screen, but also provide relevant information.

The most important are the visitors

Creating even the most perfect website doesn't make sense when nobody visits it. Therefore, when working on a website, we take into account additional factors that will allow it to appear in search results.

You have to remember that we create a website, but to "break through" the competition you need to establish cooperation with a company dealing strictly with positioning and promotion on the Internet. Our role is to select solutions and painlessly pass the so-called SEO audit.

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