Mobile applications


We offer a full range of services: design, development, launch and support of mobile applications.

Mobile apps are the perfect choice when you're performing repetitive tasks:

Support your clients

Manage your staff

Educate and engage your audience

Enrich or complete your offer

Share your resources

Let your customers interact with your company...

and each other

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way.... how we live. Become a company that understands that having a good mobile application is a key criterion for many customers to choose your company's services.

Inspire yourself with examples from life

Read short descriptions of examples of applications that we have provided to our customers:


A mobile application for haemophiliac patients - an electronic support channel for patients from 5 major haemophiliac academic centres across the UK.

Users: haemophiliac patients

Key features:

  • infoboxes covering typical life situations and events of a haemophiliac patient
  • points to remember for each infobox
  • the "my centre" section with information on the centre
  • Rescue section
  • local notes to record key information about your health
  • push' notifications for patients from the selected facility

A handy application for professionals from various industries: construction, horticulture, mechanical engineering, thanks to which they can gain new customers.

Users: professionals, customers

Key features:


  • entering information in your profile
  • receiving notifications of enquiries
  • communication with customers before and during the execution of the work
  • settlements for work


  • a search engine for professionals in your area
  • sending inquiries
  • setting convenient deadlines
  • monitoring the status of work
  • settlements for work
  • adding opinions after completion of the work

Sigraszki application is a necessary compendium of knowledge on the psychology and development of a young child (0-12 months).

Users: parents, caregivers of small children

Key features:

  • provides guidance to parents on how to stimulate their child's development
  • how to ensure a sense of mental well-being
  • suggests how to play with a child at a given age
  • exercise base for young children
MyMed Pfizer

Application for patients from Belgium and Luxembourg taking Pfizer drugs. After scanning the code on the packaging or recognising the packaging, the user has visual access to multimedia materials for his or her medicine.

Users: patients, doctors

Key features:

  • scanning of drug packaging codes
  • visual identification of packaging
  • access to the multimedia materials of a recognised medicine
  • the possibility of displaying or downloading the drug leaflet
  • the ability to add a drug to my drug list
  • an interface in two languages: French and Dutch
  • the collection of analytical data
Chronic pain

Educational application available for general practitioners in the United States to learn how to diagnose and manage chronic pain.

Users: Doctors

Key features:

  • multimedia knowledge base divided into sections and modules: medical diagrams, animations, standard and 360 animations.
  • interactive games to test your knowledge
  • anonymous ranking of the results obtained in the application
  • certified pain diagnostic tools
  • a categorised search engine for external scientific documents
  • gamification - obtaining badges and points
  • monitoring progress in science
  • configurable user avatar

Educational application available in Europe and South America for dermatologists interested in deepening their knowledge of trichology. Implemented jointly with the Polish Dermatological Society.

Users: physicians and specialists

Key features:

  • 60 levels, each with 5 questions
  • correct answer to all questions unlocks access to the next one
  • users may agree to share their result anonymously
  • the results are shown in the global ranking and in the country selected by the user

Application for cinema network customers

Users: customers

Key features:

  • reviewing repertoire
  • temporary reservation of places
  • preview of other users' bookings in real time
  • the purchase of tickets and snacks
  • generating tickets
  • preview of transactions carried out
  • access to information on loyalty points
Pfizer VR

Browser of films and animations made in 360 technology.

Users: company representation, doctors

Key features:

  • multilingual user interface
  • fall into categories
  • possibility to play the film online
  • possibility of downloading the film for offline playback
  • two playback modes: cardboard and panorama
  • central management of countries, categories and content
  • the collection of analytical data

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