Meet our technology stack.

Web and mobile technology changes every day

What was "fashionable" and common, for example, 2 years ago, either does not exist or has been completely rebuilt in a new version. We observe this movement on a daily basis, we record the most important information in our techfeed (soon available also for you). The following points are of a general nature to give you an idea of what to expect (from us).


  • Version control

    we keep and develop the source code for all projects in private Git repositories

  • Visual Studio Code

    we use the best code editor in our opinion at the moment

  • Mac OS

    we all use Apple computers

  • Brew

    if it's not on brew, it doesn't exist



That is, what the user sees and assesses most often.

Web Apps

  • Key languages

    Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Frameworks

    Vue.js, Angular and React - frontend frameworks used to create our SPA applications

  • single page application

    SPA - single page application, an application that once loaded operates within one user session without reloading, only reads and sends data to the server in the background

  • server side rendering

    SSR - server side rendering, an application that sends requests for each view to the server for each view

  • progressive web app

    PWA - progressive web app - applications gaining in popularity, which for the target user are treated as mobile applications, but do not require installation through the App Store - these applications differ from "real" mobile applications by certain limitations of functionality, which in many cases are not used anyway

Mobile Apps

  • native apps

    for each platform you write an independent code, the applications look different and are developed separately, usually by two independent teams

  • hybrid applications

    you write once, compile on both iOS and Android - in theory sounds great, in practice works very well, but requires experience and appropriate planning of the application functionality

  • Ionic framework

    complete SDK for building mobile applications, uses AngularJS and Apache Cordova. The latest release has been rebuilt to allow developers to choose any user interface, such as Angular, React or Vue.js.

  • React Native

    a framework for building high-performance hybrid mobile apps - created by Facebook.



Which is what one can't see, but is very important.


  • Monolith

    software implemented in the MVC architecture, where all logic and data are contained in a single application

  • Microservices

    distributed software, which consists of many communicating micro-services, each having a specific task - many known Internet portals use this way of software organization, e.g. because of scalability

  • RESTful

    API for frontend, which implements the so-called CRUD, i.e. allows you to download, create, modify and delete data

  • GraphQL

    a modern solution created by Facebook, which can successfully replace the standard API of the RESTful type


  • MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL

    relational databases - the most frequently used databases

  • MongoDB

    NoSQL Non-relational Database - gaining popularity

  • Redis, Memcached

    a very fast cache

  • MQTT, Rabbit

    message queues for communication between services