Web applications


We provide web applications to customers who want to transfer their business processes to the Internet.

An application tailored to your needs facilitates and sometimes even allows you to perform tasks.

Conduct voting among your customers

Collect ideas

Manage your resources

Automate the circulation of documents and information

Control your fleet

Manage customer relations

Start the reservation and transaction system

Issue invoices and receive payment

We are confident that every company needs solutions to optimize its operations, facilitate customer service and transfer the most common and time-consuming processes to a web application: available worldwide or for internal use only.

Inspire yourself with examples from life

Read brief descriptions of the sample systems we have provided and supported:

Digital medicine explained

An interactive catalogue of digital medical solutions for the exchange of information about solutions used in the company's branches all over the world.

Users: Company employees worldwide

Key features:

  • reviewing solutions and contacting their creators or owners for reuse
  • adding solutions that you have created and managed
  • access to electronic materials and acquaintance with the latest technologies and digital solutions in medicine

Application for conducting secret ballots for supervisory boards of companies.

Users: employees of multi-branch companies

Key features:

  • entering the list of candidates
  • introduction of the list of persons entitled to vote
  • sharing of an intuitive voting panel available on mobile devices and computers
  • dispatch of access codes by SMS, e-mail or physical secret envelopes
  • generating the final report - the result of voting

Internet service for searching for and buying tickets for sporting and mass events

Users: service customers, company employees, event organisers

Key features:

  • end customers
  • search engine for events
  • reservation of places
  • buying tickets and gadgets
  • online payments
  • customer panel
  • access to electronic tickets

Company employees

  • addition of sports facilities
  • seating configuration
  • the creation of sporting and mass events
  • generating tickets with price plans
  • handling customer requests
  • monitoring of payments
  • introduction of stadium bans
  • real-time reporting

Organizers of events

  • access to the events assigned to them
  • real-time reporting of reservations and sales

Application for the circulation of cost documents.

Users: law firm, technical employees, accountants, company management

Key features:

  • introduction of electronic documents and paper document scans
  • sending documents into circulation depending on defined criteria
  • description of documents, including allocation of cost items to particular accounting accounts and projects
  • obtaining financial approval
  • automatic execution of payments in accordance with the introduced payment deadline
  • comprehensive reporting
  • full two-way integration into the accounting system
    automatic posting of invoices

Application for end users and employees of Utylimed medical waste disposal company, which controls the work of the entire company.

Users: customers who generate and are obliged to recycle medical waste

Key features:

  • End users:
  • Ordering a courier to collect the waste
  • the collection of invoices and documents proving utilisation, in accordance with the instructions of the inspection body


  • mobile application with a plan for a given day
  • collecting customer signatures directly in the application

Company employees:

  • Planning of courier routes
  • generation of waste disposal documents
  • management of waste treatment status
  • invoicing
  • reporting
Real Estate CRM

CRM system for registering the resources of a developer company and managing customers and inquiries

Users: developers' employees

Key features:

  • introduction and management of the company's offer
  • making the current offer of the company available in real time to visitors to the company's website
  • reception and handling of enquiries
  • customer base management
  • registration of contact with customers

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