We create high quality web and mobile applications with the use of the latest technologies and solutions.

We believe in work optimisation, which has a direct impact on the cost of project implementation. We can control costs by optimizing the use of our resources. We appreciate customers who take care of their wallet and our time.

Our mission

We are growing and evolving with the development of programming languages, tools and cloud services. Every day we follow trends, observe and analyze the actions of others, monitor and support open source solutions. Creating applications is not only our profession, but also our passion.

All this allows us to provide high quality web applications that support the business of our customers.

How we work

We are a small, but dynamically and optimally managed company. Our team of over a dozen people is divided into the following groups:


We carry out projects in accordance with the Agile methodology, the implementation of which we are constantly improving - of course by using the Agile methodology itself ;)

Application life cycle

We manage all projects in accordance with the adopted model of the application life cycle.

Do you want to create a web or mobile app? Wherever you are in this process, we can jump in and cooperate with you to analyse, design, build, deploy and maintain it.

Focus on organising your business, and we will give our knowhow and resources to supercharge it with a cutting-edge app.

Animativ - idea to dev

We work for companies from all over the world.


We are constantly open to applications from people who are fascinated and have experience in the implementation of Web and mobile projects, especially those interested in working in teams:

frontend development
backend development

We also invite those who would like to enter the world of application programming. We have trained many programmers who are with us all the time, or who have moved on - we are proud of each one of them, and we keep our fingers crossed for each one! Before you apply, check if you are comfortable with our technology stack.